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How Surrounding Effect Our Health

There are a lot of surrounding factors that affect our health from the food we eat daily to the water we drink, the quality of air we breath and the condition of the road we drive on, these are all environmental factors that influence our quality of health. With time these environmental factors have changed which may be caused by natural or by human daily activities.

Overtime, health professionals in the environment health field had studied, researched and examine how individual interact with their surrounding, noting the ways by which these relationship can effect human health and wellness, exposure to disease and areas of individual well-being.

Why Is The Health Of Our Surrounding Very  Important

Our surrounding/environmental health is very important because people’s, individuals, towns, villages, families and communities need to be healthy or live healthy, it is the first step to achieving personal health and wellness. This can be achieved by strategic effects by the government through the help of public environmental health experts and also efforts from the communities.

Advantages Of An Optimized Healthy Surrounding

  1. It reduces exposure to disease.
  2. It increases quality of life.
  3. It reduces exposure to pollutants and toxic substances.
  4. It reduces death rate.

Impact Of Environmental Factors On Our Health

In public health, field, environmental health is the most important area as environmental health continues to steadily effect individuals and population health.

Hence, considering the effect of climate change today, environmental health researchers say that the result of climate change can cause changes in disease patterns, making communities vulnerable to different kind of disease. Climate change had been connected to increase in powerful storms, floods, wildfires and disaster which are responsible in harming human health.

Careless industrial health is another factor that can effect wellness, some of these industries use heavy metals for their manufacturing activities, the result of waste disposal from this industrial activities can be harmful as some of their wastes are poisonous or toxic waste that can harm the Eco-system and impact our health negatively.

Surrounding Health At The Community Level

Our surrounding health is not only about health, it is about the overall community wellness. This has to deal with health situation of our homes, offices, workplaces, schools, playgrounds, markets and public places, all these can have impacts on our families, relations and neighbors.

For instance factors such as:

  • Pollution can cause some people to be less interested in going out for exercises and recreation.
  • It can also cause the entire community to disease.
  • Dilapidated or poorly maintained infrastructure can impact community health.
  • Infrastructures such as poorly maintained roads can cause accidents that can result in serious injuries.
  • Inadequate sanitation infrastructure can cause increase in rate of disease in local areas.

Environmental/surrounding factor that can effect health are:

  1. Pollution
  2. Climate change.
  3. Chemical safety.
  4. Inadequate infrastructure.
  5. Low quality water.
  6. Disease cause by micro organisms.
  7. Inaccessible healthcare.
  8. Environmental issues and more.

    1. Pollution is a major cause of increase morbidity or mortality, solid, liquid or gaseous particle suspended in air can be harmful to human beings, pollution.
    2. Climate change is a strong factor that disrupts the natural world in many ways and affect quality health by increasing disease vulnerability. It causes heavy rains, changes in regional temperatures which can lead to nervous and respiratory disease, diarrhea and so on.
    3. Chemical safety: Exposure to different kind of chemicals can impact human health in many ways, exposure to dangerous or foreign substances can effect human health. Chemical safety is a field that deals with minimizing the effect of the exposure to harmful substances, toxins, synthetic chemicals and by-products of manufacturing activities.
    4. Inadequate Infrastructure: Poor infrastructure like roads, lack of clean drinking water and lack of healthcare infrastructures can have a great effect on health of the community, as a result of this it need to be taken care of.
    5. Low quality water: This can lead to disease or death because 55% of our body made of water as a result of this we need a significant amount of quality drinking water daily, factor that effect our watch quality may be industrial waste/pollution, improper water treatment or sanitation and bad plumbing infrastructure.
    6. Disease caused by micro organisms: Pathogens or some harmful micro organisms which are present in our contaminated food can cause food poisoning or cause serious health problems like urinary tract infections and respiratory disease.
    7. Inaccessible healthcare: Lack of quality healthcare is another environmental factor that affect health and cause or contribute to disease, factors that contribute to this are economic instability, bad transport facility, poor clinical facility and lack of education on the importance of healthcare.
    8. Environmental issues: Like radiation, soil pollution, air pollution, bio diversity loss can cause several illnesses, disease and injuries, this will go a long way to affecting poor and vulnerable communities, towns and villages that had healthcare problems.

Environmental health field include experts in the following field;

1. Environmental science,
2. Environmental protection technician,
3. Environmental health and safety specialists,
4. Health and safety engineer,
5.Environmental health education and advocacy.

All these help in public health education and Administration with the help of the government.

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