Single Payer Healthcare System

Single-Payer Healthcare is a medicare for all, signifies love for all.


Single-payer healthcare or it’s  a type of generally accepted healthcare funded by taxes that cover the payment of important healthcare for all residents, with payment covered by a single public system. This system may agree to healthcare services from private organization, or may own and employ healthcare resources and personnel. It also describes the system whereby healthcare is paid by a one public authority.

Describing The Single-Payer Healthcare System

The single payer healthcare systems cover the cost of all healthcare – related services by the government or government funded agency.
It is the strategy used by the government to achieve their healthcare goals, including universal healthcare, reduced load on healthcare and improved healthcare outcome for the masses.
Universal healthcare was established as a goal for the World Health Organization (WHO).

This system establishes rules for health services,
reimbursement rates, drug services and also minimum standard of services,it also establishes health risk pool for the entire populace in a particular area.
Single payer care in United Kingdom is called National Health Services, in Canada and Australia its medicare, in Taiwan its called National Health Insurance.

The History Of Single-Payer Healthcare System

This term was established in 1990s to
show the difference between the Canadian healthcare system from the United Kingdom. In the Canadian healthcare system, the government is responsible for funding health insurance whereby health services are provided through private agencies. In the United Kingdom, both funding and delivery of health care are provided by the government.

Hence, health insurance is the standard usage of the term
single-payer healthcare, this is opposed to public service and offered to individuals/citizens and legal residents towards providing universal healthcare. Funding can be managed by the government directly or by the public.
Single-payer healthcare is different with other funding mechanism like “multi-payer”, “two tiered” and insurance mandate. Some healthcare system combine element of the four mechanisms.
In contrast to this, some writers may describe all publicly
administered healthcare system as “single-payer plans” while others may describe any health system that covers the entire populace as single-payer healthcare, although this may not meet the real definition of the term.

This healthcare systems are practiced by countries like the UK or Spain, in this two countries, they have this healthcare insurance programs. These programs generally provide some form of universal healthcare, which is followed in different ways. In some cases doctors are employed and hospitals are run by the government. On the other hand, the government may buy health services from other organization, just like the Canadian approach.

In Taiwan, healthcare is administered by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, while South Korea usually have multiplayer social health insurance universal healthcare system which are familiar to other countries health care system, with healthcare societies providing coverage for the whole populace. Other countries have Beveridge and hybrid single payer health systems and so on.


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